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Welcome to MCharMedia. We are a passionate, motivated and highly professional media company. Based in Leeds UK, although can handle any job internationally if required. We aspire to produce outstanding content for your every need.  Specialising mainly in Video Production and Photography. As well as putting our heart and soul into our outcomes we also provide you as a client with the most enjoyable experience we can as we feel customer satisfaction is key!

MCharMedia originally began as a YouTube channel by Miles Charlesworth in 2014 and we refuse to stop growing. Film and Photography has always been a passion of mine and i've been holding a camera for as long as I remember. Working mainly in the beginning in the Scooter scene and other extreme sports along side highly established riders and professionals, i've always strived to0 be out of my comfort zone which is why no project is too big for us to handle. Around 2015 I had realised I had potential after winning several photography competitions so I decided that it was my passion and MCharMedia would be my company so I could help other businesses and people to tell their stories in a creative way that would make people really become captured. I set myself weekly deadlines to produce weekly meaningful content on my channel and was gaining my audience fast doing something I love. Still keeping in contact with the scooter community I set myself more extensive projects whilst still keeping to the weekly schedule and whilst working on all these projects in my room darting around place to place I managed to fit school studies in. By the start of 2016 I had built up quite a fan base on various social medias and decided it was time to become the entrepreneur id always dreamt of being and launched MCharMedia.


I have learnt many skills during my time including building my own PC at age 16 and also I took on the task of coding this page myself. Finally I am lucky enough to call my life long passion my career and I hope it will continue to stay that way throughout.

Any questions please feel free to contact us now, we will respond within a few hours.

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