Bamboo Eyewear shoot V2

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Summer is almost here! and boy ive been busy. It seems everyone wants to take advantage of the good weather which is so rare in England. Been on set for Otley Tourism doing interviews non stop and producing some more videos promoting the town and as always MCharMedia and White Cross are really working together to improve their digital footprint and modernising the veterinary world.

Bamboo Eyewear is a company we have shot for before, You can watch that video here . This time its round two and with a similar brief we wanted to achieve something special for them as we were so stoked on how our last video went down on their behalf. I managed to get access to a classic Rat Look VW Beetle so I decided to video a road trip showing off the unique wooden sunglasses whilst showing off a unique motor vehicle and traveling the very beautiful Yorkshire Dales I’m very lucky to live in. This was sure to create something special and original which I try to do in all my videos incorporating my unique shooting style and editing techniques to create something everyone can be proud of whilst giving it the MCharMedia twist. Thankfully the sun was beating down so the sunglasses actually were of use! we found some beautiful tree lined roads empty to film some tracking shots and hopefully with some original Indie music sourced locally hopefully this video is going to be a winner. Stay tuned on MCharMedia YouTube channel for the final video and have a great day!


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