Descent into Gaping Gill

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So today was my second day back from Crete so I’m glad to announce I am back blogging along with a nice feed of photos from my travels to slowly feed my Instagram followers (@mcharmediaofficial)

Moving onto my adventurous story…

Team Live every Minute got a hold of me a few days before I left Crete with an invite to something very unique that I cant lie had been discussed before but I had doubted whether or not it would be followed through with. We were to descend down Gaping Gill. Now this is no ordinary hole in the ground, it happens to be taller than Niagara Falls and apparently can fit St Pauls Cathedral inside so if you’re scared of heights I would give this one a miss.

We drove about an hour from Leeds to Clapham which is closest you are able to get by car and had to walk the rest of the way. Sure enough the English heavens opened and we enjoyed a very long hike through the pouring rain. I decided to sacrifice my dry clothes in order to protect my camera as we slipped and slid all over the the rough Yorkshire terrain. After a couple hours of hiking we arrived at the colossal hole which had been covered over by a winch stand where I would be lowered down the Gill which had a huge waterfall leading the way down…

We kitted up, waterproofs which we were unaware at the time would be useful. I took the gopro for the descent down but lighting was a huge problem down there as you can tell from the image above showing the chair we got winched down. The first 30 seconds was fine however after that it was like performing several “ice bucket challenges” at once as the famous Lyndsey Thomas from Live Every Minute remarked. at the bottom I was greeted by a cheerful few cavers who were responsible for this event which occurs for 2 weeks a year, they seemed awfully happy for someone who had been down a huge hole all day. At the bottom it really was breath taking although not much light you could see the fractions of it piercing the desolate obis that was this chasm.


A few photos later and a couple video clips we were ready to be lifted back up, rain still pouring and a rather fearful ascent to the top completed my day as we trudged back to the car having lived the day to the max and really done something few have the chance to do, and to sum it up it was exhilarating so for that id like to thank the Live Every Minute team for taking me out there and despite the horrific weather, I had an amazing time!


What cool adventures have you all been on? tell me in the comments,


Thanks for reading, Miles



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