Fidelity Production

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Welcome to MCharMedia’s first short film production. Fidelity. This project has been in motion since December 2016 and has required extensive planning considering its a zero budget short film to really push the boundaries and limits to our abilities steering away from what we are used too in order to tell a short story. Based at Murphys Machinery¬†Menston¬†Fidelity is a film testing loyalty and trust within the UK crime scene. It explores the problems and lifestyle involved in very British crime.

The lead character Jason Del Vierno arrives at a confrontation with a neighbouring gang leader and faces numerous problems along the way. This is only a preview of what we are capable of and I feel after directing this short film if it gets the intended feedback we may well delve into greater projects as the year progresses. Directed by Miles Charlesworth who in addition controlled every aspect of production with the assistance of boom operator Adam Speight.

Look out for the full film being released very soon! Post Production is almost complete



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