Filming at Alpamare Scarborough (brand new water park)

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So on Saturday me and team Live Every Minute headed to the brand new water park set to open on the 1st of August, Watch the video here.

Arriving at roughly 2:00 I was doing work for The Sun newspaper in addition to Live Every Minute so had the task of making a video and shooting some photos. Something we can most certainly handle. To start the shoot we photographed the Scarborough Tourism Director, Park owner and The Suns very own James Ellis.

Now for the video. To achieve the same personality of the park which offers both relaxing setting with spa and outdoor infinity pool with pool side bar, to the excitement of the unique slides the park had to offer. I had to show some slow moving shots and balance it out with the peak action slide shots with the GoPro.

Amazingly we had exclusive access to the slides so were able to get some shots we wouldn’t have been able too with the public around. Using the gopro to show what my DSLR was unable too yet on other occasions involved me waiting at the bottom to catch the exit adrenaline and splash! After an hour shooting we had sent a few photos off to The Sun in order to meet the deadline and in addition had a great video filmed with the unusual sun on our side.

The next stage of the process following the 2 hour drive back to Leeds was choosing music which amazingly didn’t take much time.

A couple hours later and the finished product was done and loved by the client.

Gear used:

Canon 700D

18-55mm kit lens

50mm prime lens

Glidecam HD-4000


Ravelli Tripod.


Thanks for reading. Miles

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