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Welcome back readers, hope you are all well.

I am writing this blog as an update to what’s going on with us as I feel its vital I get back on top of this site as I’m having a gloriously busy work time leading up to Christmas which is more than I could ever ask for. I’ve been continuing to support and provide for my smaller clients, so everyone’s online presence is looking visually splendid.

A few weeks back I was approached by All About The Story  of whom I have done previous work for their other company you will have seen written about previously on this site should you be a return viewer, Live Every Minute. They came to me asking if I would make a series of videos promoting our shared local town of Otley. Now this for me was one of the biggest projects I have undertaken which is something I am very proud of and I will put 100% into just like every other project I take on.

The plan was to shoot 4 separate videos highlighting key features of Otley as a town and the first one was Sport. Otley is an astounding home to sport home to such athletes as the Brownlee Brothers and Lizzie Armitstead, so sport would definitely not be hard to find. So far we have shot 3 different sports, running, cycling and life by the river. We wanted to capture the personalities behind each sport so interviewed people from each sport as well as shot some stunning morning shots of Otley Cycle Club and some running on the Otley Chevin. Shooting cycling is never a boring thing in my opinion and in this scenario I even had the chance to film a tracking shot out the back of a car using my GlideCam HD-4000 which I am now fully in love with. We all got up nice and early catching the morning golden hour so the sun was providing some astonishing flares and lighting our subjects in such warm and rich light. The final video I’m sure will be released soon we are just yet to film a couple more sports to finalise the video. Overall I feel this is one of my most polished and professional looking projects that I am very excited to share with you some time in the next few weeks.


Whats next….

Well should you be a fond viewer or maybe even smart enough to have subscribed to my YouTube channel: MCharMedia then you will have seen I released a video you can watch here highlighting my plans and aspirations for the channel and how I plan to release videos in the future and I am glad to announce my latest project is now underway and is in the shooting stage! As for the business side of things I have a few more clients eager for my time over the next few weeks so its safe to say ill be delightfully busy over the next few weeks. I also have an idea to release an MCharMedia limited edition hoodie which I hope to set up a temporary shop on this sight for over the next few weeks, ill make a promo video for them as soon as my prototype is finished so keep your eye on this space for that also.

As for you…. the viewers, may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year hoping 2017 brings you lots of success and amazing memories.

I thank you all greatfully and will surely be seeing you all soon, Miles


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