Tunnels Band, Music Video Underway!

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So the other day I headed off to The Wardrobe, Leeds to begin shooting the music video I’m working on with The Tunnels Band. The music video we aim to shoot in 2 locations and produce a short montage backed by pre recorded audio. The first shoot was the gig shoot which is what this blog is documenting. There is something about being given media access into a gig that really opens up your eyes to the world of music and I wish I could do that more often as its very impactful and gives a hidden sense to the culture behind it and personalities of the bands behind the music.

For the shoot I took a position on stage and mainly shot handheld; shooting handheld allowed me to get some shots that fit with the high energy levels of the music being played. I had previously got some very nice and smooth glidecam shots during sound check to establish the scene when it was well lit. Lighting indoors is always interesting when shooting video on a DSLR however I found boosting the ISO gave a very nice and grainy look very similar to that of a film camera which I felt really suited the tone to the video. I wanted to give almost a home movie feel to the gig side of the video which would later be contrasted by some very vibrant sweeping smooth shots in the second shoot in the woods surrounded by beautiful colours and tranquillity.

The first shoot aim was to get some personality out of the gig environment, how people reacted to the music and the amount of energy given from the band to the audience. I used primarily my 50mm f1.4 canon lens for this shoot as it is a great lens for low light and allowed me to get some awesome shots of bokeh of the stage lights and lighting in the audience.


In conclusion a very successful shoot which has made a very strong start to this music video, keep an eye out for the full video coming most likely early 2017

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