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Good evening readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts in a while ive been very busy balancing school work with making videos and in addition have a very exciting video release soon which I have entered into SHAFF.

So a few months back I was contacted by Justin from White Cross Vets, a local veterinary practice who had become impressed for the work I had been posting onto a local FaceBook feed. I met Justin the following week to discuss producing a YouTube series for them. Almost VLOG style we agreed it would have a to look as natural as possible and the videos should flow very smoothly and give people insight into behind the scenes in the Vets. We shot one video the following week to the meeting and after editing Justin loved it and so we planned to do a next shoot in order to store a few up before we would release them weekly. After another successful shoot today we should have 3 videos stored up of cute cats, dogs and all things lovable. The team at White Cross Roundhay were amazing to shoot with and very natural in front of the camera thankfully so this helped with producing a very organic feeling video. The videos follow the same structure as you will soon see on WhiteCross YouTube channel as we would follow a client into the vet consulting room, film their time in there then the vet who was consulting would give a very brief summary to camera letting us know what went on. We found this to be the best way to be informative and to help give background to each of the mini stories we set out to produce.

I will post another blog of when the videos are being released and where to find them as I feel your hearts will melt at the sight of some of the animals we filmed.


Thanks for reading, should you have a project we could work on together please feel free to contact us!


Thanks, Miles

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